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Grow your SuperFruit Product Line

Formulate, Source & Manufacture SuperFruits, Liquids & Powders All in one place!

Supers from the Source

Coveted Certifications

Private & White Label

SuperFruits are hard to find.

Formulation & Compliance are Expensive

How can I tell if source ingredients are clean?


Can This Taste Better?


Where do I get hard to find ingredients?

What are the compliance requirements?


How do I know the Fact Panel is right?


Where do I get my new product manufactured?

We believe you deserve a one-stop solution for

Development, Certification & Production

InnoMark can fill ALL those needs

We walk companies through these problems all the time.
We do it every day.
It's all we do.

Trusted by our clients to make it happen with Resourcefulness & Moxie

“It seems like I looked EVERYWHERE for Superfruits with no luck. Then I found InnoMark, and it seems like they have EVERYTHING!”

– Ruby Joines, Purchasing

“InnoMark is our valued partner.  We like the fact that they produce both our Super-fruit Juices and Super-fruit Powders.” 

– Yolanda Potts, Direct Sales Coordinator 


Formulation, R&D, And Manufacturing All under one roof.

“During the lockdowns, we had a supplier that went out of business.  Their raws were critical to our products.  InnoMark stepped in, found a replacement stream, verified it in their R&D Lab, and helped us relaunch successfully.  We trust them with all of our liquid projects.”

-Miguel Schults, Project Manager

3 Simple Steps from Concept to Launch

It’s easy to follow our process for product development

Our years of experience will guide you through

Smelling like a SuperFruit


Send your Formulation Concepts

Whether your idea. isbrand new, a mash-up, or and industry standard we can make your formulation idea a reality

Noni Superfruit

We prepare taste samples And packaging mock-ups

Ideas don’t always taste right. We help your Formulation Be just what you want it to be

Successfully Launch your new Product lines & get more customers

With our custom manufacturing we can build your product to your specs Glass or Plastic, Pouch or tub, Stick or encapsulation, We make your powder and liquid. And label it properly.

Our Promise to You

We will work with you to solve all your problems from concept to shipping

We source all the ingredients you need for your new products

We Formulate to your liking in our own Lab

We Custom Manufacture to bring your creation to life

What Others are Saying about InnoMark


“I checked out a few options before launching my SuperFruit Protein Powder line. The others always had multiple steps and it took multiple vendors. InnoMark was so much better! I had one point of contact, and still had access to the creative process.
WAY easier and way better!”
– Janet Yellen

What to Expect

  • 20+ years expertise creating new products
    • we already invented the wheel, over and over again
  • Access to the source of pure SuperFruits
  • Specialty ingredients for your blends
  • Variety of Certifications
  • USDA, FDA, Kosher, Organic, you name it & we do it
  • FDA approved Ingredient Panel
  • Custom artwork and packaging
  • Custom Bottles, Tubs, Sticks or Pouches
  • Palletized finished products the way you like it
  • And Much More

Imagine your new SuperFruit product changing lives, including yours. Call Cody/Joe today, see. if we. area good fit!


See if We are a Good Fit

With one short meeting we can examine your concept and help your concept become reality


Toll-Free: 866-486-6642
Fax: 435-627-8463

982 East Factory Drive
St. George, UT 84790

Your Expert in Bulk Supply,
Liquid Fill, & Encapsulation™

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Toll Free: 866-486-6642
Fax: 435-627-8463

982 East Factory Drive
St. George, UT 84790


Your Expert in Bulk Supply,
Liquid Fill, & Encapsulation™

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