goji-noni-super-fruit-juiceDuring the Fall 2013, students representatives of Dixie State University have been assisting local companies to integrate and implement their respective marketing strategies.

I chose to support a local organic supplement manufacturer in St. George, Utah. It not only has been fun, but the project has been equally challenging and exciting. Along with my daily exercise and nutrition routine, I found that InnoMark Incorporated, makes products that relate to my own natural interests in healthy lifestyle choices. The attached images are the two products that I sampled. Let me say this first, it wasn’t like a trip to Jamba Juice, no the experience was more like have your first taste of Wasabi Sauce. It definitely grabs your attention!

Innomark is the leading bulk supplier and private packaging labeler of natural products such as NoniAcaiGoji, and Mangosteen juice, Vanilla extract and Tamanu oil products.

Upon sampling some of the products, I found that InnoMark is very quality oriented and truly engaged in providing the best service and products to their customers.

A company representative gave me a tour of the facility, and I was genuinely impressed with the cleanliness and exactness of the production operations. I would definitely recommend their natural & organic products to those of health-oriented dispositions (and individuals that are seeking to change unhealthy habits).

Author – Kamron Dorman, DSU Student, Majoring in CIT