GuaranaEnergy drinks are all over the planet these days. Assortments of carbonated and non-carbonated beverages are aggressively taking center stage in commercial advertising and can be seen plastered all over billboards, equipment, and  television screens at virtually every broadcast sporting event. The stockpile of caffeinated drink companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Mountain Dew seem to be losing massive amounts of market share to the next generation of fast paced, high flying, adrenaline hipsters of the twenty-first century.

Fake Energy

Small swig sized drinks like Energy shots, 24 Hour Energy, NoDoz, and EBoost, are also making a significant impact on the coffee market, especially among consumers that are constantly on the move. Many people feel they are too busy to sit down and enjoy their favorite cup o’ jo. The common denominator among all the products listed above is the energy provided in the package, and in this case, what powerful ingredient is responsible for getting you back on your feet. The difference is in a small additive called Guarana.

Guarana: A Natural Boost

Guarana is a South American fruit that looks suspiciously like an eyeball, with a fleshy white fruit that surrounds dark brown seeds. These seeds are about the size of coffee beans, but they contain more than twice as much caffeine that releases slowly over several hours. It is widely employed as a stimulant, to relieve fatigue, to boost energy, aid concentration, and brighten mood. In dietary supplements, guarana is often used as a thermogenic (to boost metabolism for purposes of weight loss), and as an appetite suppressant. Guarana appears in tablets, capsules, and various fluid and dried extracts. As a supplement, guarana is considered “generally recognized as safe” by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

It certainly is not the main ingredient in all the products listed above, considering what goes into the total package for a great tasting product in a fancy container, but without guarana, you might as well drink a soda. It is the difference maker, that puts some pep in your step and elevates your mental focus. That being said, take caution; as with all foods and drinks, it is important to be wise and consume in moderation to avoid discomfort and unnecessary dependency. The greatest benefits of this natural energy booster can slightly diminish from over-consumption. It is best to seek your own comfort level with guarana.